Amazon Bundle

A Bundle is the combination of two or more products which is sold on Amazon as one unit and which has consequently only one ASIN. Basically, there are two possibilities how it can be combined: you can either use multiple items of the same kind to create a Bundle or different items. That these different

EORI number

The EORI number (Economic Operators Registration and Identification number) was introduced to identify economic operators within the EU in a uniform way, regarding their relation and interaction with the customs authorities and can be seen as a kind of “customs number”. The main idea is to simplify the customs clearance which has become more and

Amazon Handmade

Amazon Handmade – the market for artisans. Creative designers can sell their unique, handcrafted goods on all five Amazon marketplaces:,,, and There is already a huge offer of various handmade products which can be admired from handmade necklaces to lamps through to all kinds of furniture and much more. The

Amazon Launchpad

Amazon Launchpad is a unique service of Amazon which helps to introduce new and innovative products from Start-ups to millions of potential customers. With its specialized knowledge in E-Commerce, its global infrastructure and marketing-tools, Amazon makes it easier for the inventors to tell the story of their product, to make it known and to finally

A+ Content

A+ Content for Power sellers (not only Vendors) Today’s topic is all about increasing the conversion rate of our listings. Even with the same amount of traffic to our listing or with an increased conversion rate we generate more sales. Before applying for A+ Content or Enhanced Brand Content, make sure your listing has: Keyword optimized


How to optimize your listing to be indexed for more keywords? Converting traffic to your listing is crucial for success on Amazon. Amazon PPC (Pay Per Click ads) is great but not always very cost efficient. The best traffic is free traffic. You can get lots of free traffic to your listing if you are ranking

Amazon – payments/payouts

For an international seller who is selling on multiple Amazon platforms, it is crucial not to ignore the different currencies Amazon uses for payments. In the US, the currency is obviously the USD, however in Europe it gets a little more complicated. An Amazon seller, selling on multiple European marketplaces of which at least one