All informations about this years online Summit for everyone who wants to expand to Amazon Europe —interviews with the “Who-is-Who” of Amazon: Greg Mercer, Gil Lang, Will Tjernlund and many more… is opening this years European Private Label Summit talking about the “Key Things you need to know to expand to Europe.”

What is the European Private Label Summit 2016?

It’s an online Event, hosted by Augustas Kligys. It includes 30+ video interviews, audio files and documents with more then 20 leading Experts on Amazon Europe.

“20+ Leading Experts Walk You through How to Successfully Expand Your Amazon FBA Business to Europe”

Why register?

  • It’s free
  • Great interviews
  • A lot of Bonus content
  • Many coupon codes (we sponsored a 100€ coupon for our services)
  • Why not?

→ Register Here:

Where and When will it take place?

It’s an online Event starting at the 19th of September 2016.

Who is it for?

Amazon Sellers who plan to expand to Europe. The European Private Label Summit has gathered the leading experts on this topic that will share with you the step by step process you need to succeed as an Amazon seller in Europe!

This summit will answer the most frequently asked questions and show you all the shortcuts to start listing your products and selling them successfully in the UK, Germany, France, Spain or Italy.

Who is speaking?

Augustas managed to get the “Who-is-Who” of the Amazon. Let’s just give you a few names, i guess you know them:

  • Greg Mercer (Jungle Scout)
  • Gil Lang (Private Label Journey)
  • Will Tjernlund
  • Greg Jones
  • Peter Zapf
  • Marc Adams
  • and many more…

The events host?


“My name is Augustas Kligys and I am in a similar situation as you!

I’ve seen the potential of the European Amazon marketplaces and I’ve decided to contact the best experts in this area, such as: successful sellers, financial advisors, ecommerce strategists, etc…

I wanted to pick their brains and discover their secrets so I could duplicate their results! And that’s how the European Private Label Summit was born.” at the EUPLS 2016

Our Speakers, Christoph and Miguel will tell the audience about the key things you need to know to be able to sell in Europe. It was a funny interview with Augustas as we did this the first time. We talked about the reasons for selling in Europe, tips and tricks you should know and about our core topic: How to setup the right VAT structure in Europe.

You can watch the 60min video at Day 1. We’re proud to be the opening speakers. Just go to and take your free seat now. The Event is also including a 100€ coupon code + a free review campaign!